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WebCamBonus FAQ

Where can I register for WebCamBonus?
Click here to register as webcam model. An account is automatically created for you, and you will immediately receive instructions on how to start right away. A contract is then sent to you by e-mail. You are required to enter the correct personal particulars in this contract. Once the contract is completed and signed, return it to us accompanied by a copy of valid proof of identity. You can send it by e-mail, fax or post. The proof of identity is required to substantiate that you are at least 18 years of age.

I do not have a company, can I participate in WebCamBonus?
Yes, that is no problem whatsoever. Private individuals can also participate in WebCambBonus. Your income is then paid out exclusive of VAT. We pay the VAT to the tax authorities.

Do I owe taxes on my earnings with WebCamBonus?
Yes, you are personally responsible for declaring your income to the tax authorities.

Does Webcambonus have any rights as an employer?
No, WebCambBonus is not an employer, and you are not an employee. No employment relationship exists therefore. WebCambBonus gives you an opportunity to create earnings and ensures that the administration and payments are in order. You may therefore decide at any time to stop camming for WebCambBonus, while WebCambBonus is entitled to cancel your account without stating grounds

How do I check my statistics?
In order to view your statistics, you must first login with the username and password that you have received from us after registration After logging in, you are given a real-time view of the minutes that you have booked. Click here to login.

When do I get paid?
For Performers: your turnover of the month January, for example, will be paid out around the 20th of February.
For Studios: the turnover will paid 40 days after you recieve the invoice. For example, the minutes made from 1st to 31st January, you will recieve the invoice 1st of February, and the payment in March.
Please note: you will only receive payment and a provision invoice if you have realised a minimum turnover of € 15.00 during the month. If you fail to book € 15.00, the amount will be transported to the next month.

What is the minimum amount paid out?
We apply a minimum payment amount of 15 euro. Payment and invoicing only take place once you have booked a minimum of 15 euro in minutes.

Where can I change my personal particulars?
You can change your personal particulars by logging in and then clicking on the Account button.

I have lost my login particulars, can you resend them to me?
No problem click here and enter the e-mail address under which you have been registered with us. You will then immediately receive an e-mail with your login particulars.

What are Teaser Videos and Photos in your Media Library Promotion?
A teaser is a short film that you record with your webcam. It is intended as a promotion film on our websites and on the page if visitors want to call in. You can record a maximum of 12 films. Make sure that it is a fun film, but leave plenty to the imagination After all, you want to tickle the curiosity of visitors. It is possible to include audio in your films. The media library also offers room for photos.

What are Videos and Photos in your Media Library Paid?
Films and photos that you place in the Media Library Paid are only accessible to paying visitors. This makes it possible to also earn money when you are not online. So make sure you place the maximum number of videos and photos permitted. Regularly replace the films and photos with new ones. This makes it more likely that visitors will call more often.

Can I link my own website(s) to your webcams?
Yes that is certainly possible. We offer various options of including the online cams in your own website contact us, if you are interested! We will then help you make a prompt start.

Can webmasters also participate in WebCamBonus?
We have a special Partner program for webmasters who want to earn money by promoting WebCam isams, hebben wij een special partner program. All information on this Partner program is available on: webmasters cambonus.

What do I earn as cammer on WebCamBonus?
The rates vary according to the country where the visitor is calling from. Check the rates of WebCamBonus here!

I have a question that is not answered above!
If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions contact, us by completing the form.